20 Ways to Be More Productive with Hosted SharePoint

By | February 18, 2015

Hosted Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint  is a multi-feature collaboration tool that can help businesses achieve their corporate goals, significantly enhance productivity and work more efficiently resulting in increased profitability for your organization. You may already know that with SharePoint you can create lists and document libraries or check files in and out. But there’s so much more.

Here are just some of the ways SharePoint can help you realize your business goals:

  1. Easy document storage: store all of your email communication on a secure site that can be accessed by your users from any computer that is connected to the Internet.
  2. Effective task management: keep a centralized location to assign tasks to team members.
  3. Event coordination: store assigned tasks, related documents and other things relevant to the event in one place to organize large events more efficiently.
  4. Version tracking: stay on top of all the changes in your documents. You will be able to see who made what changes and restore earlier versions of the document if necessary.
  5. Timely updates: your team members get automatically notified when they have a new task assigned to them or when their task is updated.
  6. Project management: manage all of your team’s projects in SharePoint and eliminate the need to purchase an expensive project management solution.
  7. Document collaboration: use the check-in and check-out management feature to sort documents and collaborate more effectively.
  8. Help ticket resolution: build your help ticket system in SharePoint without having to search for an alternative solution.
  9. Blogging: start a company blog to share ideas with your team and communicate with your colleagues.
  10. Enhanced control: gain more control over your organization’s documents by implementing the content approval function.
  11. Effective training: offer training materials to your employees, customers or partners that are stored in a password protected website and can be accessed at any time or from any Internet-enabled computer.
  12. Document sharing: offer a secure and private place to share documents and other information with clients and partners.
  13. Mobile collaboration: access and work on your files from your mobile device while on the go.
  14. Productive brainstorming: increase productivity and allow for free flowing brainstorming by letting people contribute ideas when their schedule permits.
  15. Centralized communication: post company and team announcements in a central repository. Everyone will be notified automatically when new announcements are posted.
  16. Calendaring: create a company calendar to ensure you always know who will be available.
  17. Simultaneous contribution: create “master” documents that allow multiple people to work on them at the same time, make changes, get updates with a click of a button and synchronize back to the “master” document so that all edits are merged into a single location.
  18. Easy customization: add fields to any area of your SharePoint site in order to capture and sort information that is most important to your team or department without any involvement from your IT personnel.
  19. Integration with Microsoft Access: pull and update your Access database from a local PC, and synchronize data to a central repository which can be accessed from any location and at any time of the day.
  20. Project dashboards: view and filter on common project elements such as project details, documents, tasks, issues, calendar, progress and more – all on one page.

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